Medical Documentation and Secretarial


The students of this program;

The aim of Medical Documentation and Secretarial Laboratory is to enable students to start their careers as qualified, confident medical secretaries who have full knowledge of their professions, are able to interpret and evaluate data, analyze them by determining problems and take part in planning studies to produce solutions by using the basic knowledge and skills on medical documentation.

Skills Gained from Applied Education

To have the ability of communicating effectively with colleagues, patients, patients' relatives, physicians and other health professionals.

To master MS-Office applications by using the information and communication technologies required by the profession

To be able to use keyboard with ten-finger typing technique

To have the ability to assist the manager by carrying out official and private correspondence besides carrying out written and verbal communication of the unit they work at

To be competent in medical terms, concepts, definitions and professional language knowledge

To ensure coordination between patient and doctor

To be able to use at least one Hospital Information Management System (LIS), to be able to perform the procedures below:

  1. Cashier's office panel
  2. Hospital admission panel
  3. Inpatient and service panel
  4. International codding procedures by using ICD system
  5. Service entry procedures
  6. Material entry procedures
  7. Reaching the files requiring protocol, T.R. no, patient no
  8. Data draining and statistic procedures
  9. Preparing epicrisis report and printing it
  10. Medical history taking

To be able to archive, regulate and improve the archive by knowing archiving techniques

To have enough knowledge about the rights of patients, professional ethics and ethical concepts

Laboratory Equipment (Devices and Equipment)

  1. Hospital information management system (LIS)
  2. Computer and relevant packet programs (software)
  3. Fax machine
  4. Photocopy machine
  5. Scanner
  6. Printer
  7. Barcode system
  8. POS machine
  9. Billing machine
  10. Cash register
  11. Documentation and archiving systems
  12. Fingerprint scanner machine

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