Perfusion Techniques Laboratory


The students of this program;

The aim of the Perfusion Techniques program is educating health technicians who can prepare, activate and follow-up the following devices;

  1. Heart-Lung machine used during heart operations
  2. Heart-Lung support machines used in circulatory or respiratory insufficiencies
  3. Dialyzers used in renal insufficiencies, hemodiafiltration and autotransfusion machines

Skills Gained from Applied Education

  1. They know how to use the heart-lung machine which will perform the functions of both heart and lung during surgery. They can do case studies in company with simulation.
  2. They use the security devices (level sensor, bubble sensor, arterial pressure sensor) of heart-lung machine.
  3. They practice with roller pump head-centrifugal pump head in heart-lung machine.
  4. They use the heat exchanger device that provides heat exchange of the patient during open heart surgeries. They also monitor the patient's temperature with heat probes connected to heart-lung machines.
  5. They use hemofiltration device in conjunction with heart lung machine.
  6. They can make measurement with blood gas device, and evaluate the results.
  7. They measure blood-clotting time in ACT device.
  8. They have sufficient knowledge about support devices (intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP), Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO), left ventricle used support device, Temporary/Permanent Total Artificial Heart) used in open heart surgery.
  9. They have sufficient knowledge about operating room rules – sterilization – sterile area, half sterile area.
  10. They have general information about the materials used in cardiovascular surgery. 

Laboratory Equipment (Devices and Equipment)

o   Cardiopulmonary Pump with 4 heads
o   Cardiopulmonary Pump Centrifuge
o   Operating Table and Equipment (electric motor)
o   Bed-side System
o   Bed-side Monitor

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