Pathology Technics Laboratory


Our students;

Complete the necessary procedures until making human and animal tissues and fluids ready for microscopic examination with our state-of-the-art devices in pathology laboratory, and will be well-equipped in practical and theoretical education by practicing the technology required for this procedures by way of their instructors.

Skills Gained from Applied Education

- They have sufficient knowledge about work safety in pathology laboratory, personal protective equipment, sterilization, disinfection and medical waste management.

- They can recognize and use tools and glass materials (volumetric flask, glass pipet, pendant switch, precision scales, pH meter, glass jar, beaker, slide tray, lame basket, lame, etc.) used in pathology laboratories.

- They know the criteria for sample acceptance and rejection during the phase of sample preparation.

- They distinguish each pathological sample as cytology or biopsy in laboratory, know which equipment they should use in accordance with the feature of the tissue and which stages it will go through respectively.  
In this direction;

  1. They know each biopsy specimen is scaled with a precision scales, the tissue is hardened after the stage of macroscopy, and it is followed up via tissue follow-up system to obtain 3-5 micron thin sections and to provide durableness to the tissue. 
  2. They know how to parraffinize the tissue by means of tissue embedding system and to shape in the form of blocks in order to cut them in the sectioning device called microtome.
  3. They know sections are received from the microtome after the procedure of embedding, the sections are opened in water-bath, the sections are laid in a lame basket, and they are kept waiting in incubator before marking for the procedure of deparaffinization.
  4. If the paint chemical to be used in the tissue marking stage is in powder form, they how to scale the powder in grams via precision scales and prepare this or what can be used during routine marking.
  5. Likewise, they know that a cytological specimen (body fluid, urine, phlegm, etc.) is centrifuged by the devices or methods of cytocentrifugation or cytospin after its admission to pathology, then it is spread to lam preparations and marked.
  6. They know it is closed with lamella in the final stage of all biopsy and cytological samplings, the phase of examination can be performed to diagnose via a microscope.
  • - They know how to use a frozen device for the tissues to be performed frozen section on by using the method of intraoperative during surgery.
  • - They can produce results by knowing all the technical features of the devices they use and maintaining, calibrating and checking them.

     Laboratory Equipment (Devices and Equipment)

  Frozen device

           Tissue embedding system

           Tissue follow-up system


            Precision scales

            Marking pots

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