Orthopedic Prosthetics and Orthotics Laboratory


  • The students of this laboratory;
    The Orthopedic Prosthetics and Orthotics Laboratory is equipped with tools, equipment and consumables that will facilitate the daily activities of people with organ loss caused by various reasons; will perform the function of the missing organ even if they are able to do it partially; will support, protect and be used in design, construction and repair of auxiliary devices applied to the body parts that need to be rehabilitated.

    The Orthopedic Prosthetics Laboratory applications help our students improve their hand skills, and give them the opportunity of gaining the ability to apply what they have learned about orthoses and prostheses in the field under the supervision of specialists.

    Skills Gained from Applied Education

    • To have sufficient fund of knowledge about job security in laboratory, protective equipment and material knowledge
    • To be able to use and maintain the tools and equipment used in production and application services of medical prosthesis and orthosis
    • To measure patient's size for medical prosthesis and orthosis and to have the ability to produce directly by taking charge in the stage of production try-on.
    • To take part in the process of maintenance, repair and control of medical prosthesis and orthosis; fractioning, uniting and renewing components
    • To have the ability to apply ready-made orthoses and breast prostheses on patients
    • To have the ability to adapt semi-ready orthoses to patients
    • To be able to make auxiliary devices ready for the use of patients
    • To make preliminary preparation for stabilization from the outside in company with a doctor; to perform practices such as soft bandage, plaster bandage, positioning; to make external stabilization; to inform patients by checking for possible side effects
    • To be able to provide hygiene of prostheses and orthosis 


Laboratory Equipment (Devices and Equipment)

  1.  Shaping machine
  1. Vertical tape sanding machine
  2. Vacuum machine
  3. Wardrobe furnace
  4. Plate furnace
  5. Mounting and balancing
  6. Compressor
  7. Pillar drill
  8. Lathes grinders
  9. Myotester
  10. Sewing Machine
  11. Plaster scraper (semi-round and round)
  12. Water gauge
  13. Body compass
  14. Inner diameter measurement (prosthesis anklet)
  15. Vice
  16. Hammer (300 gr)
  17. Ball pein hammer
  18. Plastic hammer
  19. Vernier caliper (200 mm mechanic)
  20. Metal branding divider
  21. Miter
  22. File (semi-round and round)
  23. Aluminum file
  24. Hand punch machine
  25. Screw plate hss m8
  26. Riveter
  27. Drill bit set 2-12
  28. Center punch
  1. Rivet head hammer
  1. Riveter remover (3 and 4 mm)
  2. Riveter forging anvil
  3. Education wrench double
  4. File brush
  5. Flat standard pliers
  6. Needle pliers
  7. High temperature glove
  8. Multiple slip joint pliers
  9. Hacksaw
  10. T Allen set
  11. Marking gauge
  12. Laser Water gauge
  13. Silver anvil
  14. Goniometer
  15. Drilling bit (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 mm)
  16. PVA foil iron
  17. Joint chisel
  18. Guarded chisel cutter pointed 30-20 cm
  19. Manual screw flat 2-12
  20. Plaster shovel
  21. Scissors big
  22. Decoupage
  23. Protective earpiece
  24. Screwdriver flat set
  25. Phillips screwdriver
  26. Vacuum cleaning motor
  27. Pipe vise
  28. Flat chisel

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