Physiotherapy Laboratory


The students of this program;

The Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center, designed according to the standards of the Ministry of Health, has the following sections:

  1. Patient admittance and waiting area
  2. Doctor's room
  3. Physiotherapist's room
  4. 10 pieces of treatment boxes
  5. 2 exercise saloons
  6. Emergency room
  7. Wet room

Each department is provided with devices and equipment in line with the requirements. Our students can start their professional lives as experienced technicians by taking the opportunity to apply planned treatment (electrotherapy and therapeutic exercise) under the supervision of physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists or physiotherapists when they graduate.

Our students will be able to start their professional lives as experienced technicians after graduation since they can benefit from the opportunity of applying planned treatment (electrotherapy and therapeutic exercise) under the supervision of physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists or physiotherapists.

Skills Gained from Applied Education

  1. The students have sufficient knowledge about laboratory job security, personal protective equipment, sterilization, disinfection and medical waste method.
  2. They can prepare the related instruments in order to apply physical therapy according to the type of disease.
  3. They apply treatment methods such as electrotherapy, exercise and rehabilitation according to the request of the physiatrist and rehabilitation specialist.
  4. They apply the rehabilitation program determined by the physiotherapist in consideration of measurement and evaluation methods for physical and functional performance/capacity, daily life activities, pain, sense, accessory equipment, orthesis-prosthesis.
  5. They provide physiotherapy rehabilitation service for healthy, sick and disabled people by applying specific exercise and education programs for treatment, physical fitness education, heat-light hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, mechanical and manual treatments, massage, regulations to facilitate independent movement, and professional rehabilitation approaches.
  6. They are able to use special treatment techniques for paralyzed patients.
  7. They first heat the uncomfortable areas of the body of the individual with back and neck arthritis by means of heat-generating devices, then they stimulate these areas by hand or with various tools, and soften hardness.
  8. They can relieve the nerves of patients with paralysis by using continuous flow device.
  9. They use hot pools or blow water into the patient's body with tools in order to stimulate the disabled areas of patient's body. 
  10. They practice exercises in order to strengthen the body parts with loss of the ability to move.
  11. They teach patients the use of attached assistive devices (prostheses or orthoses) to support organs that are still inefficient or completely absent.

They definitely know the following items in order to ensure patients' safety in physiotherapy and rehabilitation applications:

  1. A towel must be used in between to avoid burns during hot pack application,
  2. The extremity should be washed and cleaned before paraffin application, there must be no open wounds, they must immerse the patient at least 6 to 10 times and must wait until it dries,
  3. The temperature of the water and the dosage of the disinfecting agents used in tank during application of whirlpool baths (WP),
  4. What temperature should they use to apply fluidotherapy,
  5. The distance of infrared radiation to application area and the fact that radiation must come at right angles,
  6. The patient and therapist must always wear glasses and the therapist must know the duration of the process during ultraviolet application,
  7. The patient should not have any metal objects on himself/herself during Short Wave Diathermy Application,
  8. The US device should never be operated without intermediates in the field of application during ultrasound application, the head of ultrasound should be applied perpendicular to skin, attention should be paid when applying it to the growing bone tissue (epiphyses areas).
  9. In addition, they must be able to use laser, biofeedback, magnetotherapy, mechanical spinal traction, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, functional electrical nerve stimulation, compex, electrostimulation devices and they must be able to perform their applications.

                          Laboratory Equipment (Devices and Equipment)
  • Short wave diathermy
  • Single infrared lamp
  • UV dual lamp
  • Traction device
  • Ultrasound devices
  • Electrotherapy
  • EMS device
  • Magnetics Therapy Device
  • Vacuumed therapy device
  • Hotback boiler
  • Hydromassage boiler with motor
  • Whirpool device
  • C-5 MOdelcolpac Chilling Units
  • 2-Lamp Infrared Heater
  • Parallel bar
  • Coldback
  • Tens device
  • Shoulder wheel
  • Standing table
  • Parallel bar 3 Mt Platform
  • Tera Band Exercise Station and Accessories
  • Tera Band Stability Trainers (Blue, Black, Green)
  • Tera Band Wooble Board (Versatile, Bilateral)
  • Tera Band Exercise Band (Yellow, Skin color, Black, Green)
  • Cando Vestibular Sitting/Standing Disc
  • Sand bag set
  • Baseline Plastic Goniometer (15 cm, 30 cm)
  • Baseline Finger Goniometer
  • Tera Band Exercise Balls (Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Golden, Silver)
  • Cando Digi Flex Finger Exerciser 5 Pieces
  • Cando Digi Extend
  • Therapy System Card
  • Rehab 400
  • Stairs straight
  • Deluxe Pedal Exerciser

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