Laboratory Equipment (Devices and Equipment)


  • The students of this program;

    The living spaces of disabled people are designed by taking into consideration all details in the Disabled Care and Rehabilitation Laboratory. They were transformed into the following application laboratories equipped with the required devices, tools and equipment. There is an education laboratory, disabled bathroom and toilet, disabled kitchen and disabled bedroom in the Disabled Care and Rehabilitation Laboratory. Our students gain the competence to develop equipment for disable people, provide first aid, care and rehabilitation, home care applications for them

    • To prevent disabled people from having concern for the future,
    • To enable them to use their free time in a productive way,
    • To make them have the habit of being sensitive and protective to their bodies and living areas,

    by using the knowledge and techniques acquired through the education of disabled care.  

    Skills Gained from Applied Education

    The graduates are able to observe the education of people with disabilities and the behaviors of the children they take responsibility for and can organize activities that develop their talents and skills. They know the basic concepts of development.

    They have competence to get disabled people adopt good habits by being with them, to conduct guidance to take preventative measures against bad behaviors.

    They can apply first aid by remaining calm and looking out for the relevant health and safety measures about their professions.  

    They know the management, job descriptions and operation of all educational institutions related to disabled people. They know the basic concepts of development.

    They comprehend the descriptions, types, reasons, developmental characteristics and educational principles of disabled people who have some movement, sense or function restrictions due to physical or mental illness, and children with language development and communication disorders.

    They have the awareness of self-consciousness by developing themselves socially and culturally.

    They may encourage the continues participation of students with disabilities in various scientific, cultural, artistic and sportive activities that facilitate the adaptation to university life by comprehending the disable students' concept of university.

    They may apply the practices, suggested by the physicians and nurses providing service to improve the necessary care and living conditions of disabled people, under the supervision of experts. 

Laboratory Equipment (Devices and Equipment)

Jar and bottle-opener

Easy teapot pourer

Tapping accessory

Special knives

Kitchen utensils



Nonslip stair

Bathroom and WC bars

Toilet lifter

Bath washcloth and glove

Nail clipper

Toothpaste squeezer

Button set

Buttoning accessory

Reaching and grappling accessories


  • Woods for disabled people

    Wheel chair

    Leg lifter



    Bathtub chair


    Lock set

    Catching accessories

    Braille and taking notes

    Walking stick

    Color hatching device

    Money recognition device

    Weighing machine

    Disabled bedroom

    Pulling on socks accessories 

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