Electroneurophysiology Laboratory


  • The students of the program;

    Neurophysiological methods are applied for analysis of cognitive and behavioral functions in brain and detection of diseases caused by disruption of these functions in Electroneurophysiology Laboratory. In this direction, the students studying at Electroneurophysiology Program benefit from the opportunity of having competence on taking Electroencephalography (EEG), Electromyography (EMG),           Polysomnography (PSG), and making analysis of brain stem evoked potentials and visually evoked potentials under the supervision of expert academicians in our laboratory.

    Skills Gained from Applied Education

    To be able to analyze, interpret and produce the results related to patient or case under the supervision of the responsible specialist by being aware that teamwork is the basis of this profession,

    To be competent in emergency and unpredictable situations by working in harmony with the specialist,

    To be able to perform all applications related to Electroneurophysiology in accordance with the techniques of these applications,

    To have the ability to know and use Electroencephalography (EEG), Electromyography (RMG) and Polysomnography (PSG) devices at the best level,

    To have the necessary equipment on location of devices in EEG, elimination of artefacts, disinfection of used devices, usage of personal protective equipment and material, and medical waste disposal,

    To evaluate the traces occurred during taking EEG, to recognize artefacts and the possible epileptic focuses during application of activation methods (hyperventilation, eye opening- closing, discontinuous light stimulus) and to inform doctor,

    To inform the patient about the procedure during patient acceptance and to have enough experience in order to ensure good communication

    To learn the reference intervals and pathological values in sensory and motor conduction studies before taking EMG

    To have information about the use and maintenance of materials such as record electrode, ring electrode, stimulator, earth electrode, cup electrodes,

    To be able to comprehend the diagnostic values in VEP, SEP, BAEP (Evoked Potentials) neurological patient, and to be able to apply these

    To have enough knowledge about the rights of patients and employees

        Laboratory Equipment (Devices and Equipment)

      o   Two-Channel Desktop EMG/EP system
      o   38 Channel EEG-PSG system
      o   EMG/EP system

         o  EEG System

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