Dental Prosthesis Technology Laboratory


  • The students of this program;

    The Dental Prosthesis Technology Laboratory provides the opportunity of gaining sufficient experience to the students in order to produce fixed denture, removable denture, orthodontic apparatus, jaw-face prosthesis procedures through adhering to the rules as necessitated by the profession regarding the measures, models and records obtained from patients according to the type of treatment planned by the dentist within the program of Dental Prosthesis Technology Dental Prosthesis Technology Laboratory.

    Skills Gained from Applied Education

    To be able to recognize tools and equipment related to the field of dental prosthesis and to follow technological developments related to them.

    To be competent in laboratory application skills

    To be competent in practicing hygienic measures

    To be able to produce the fixed and removable prostheses and apparatuses used in prosthesis and orthodontics

    To be able to use the equipment in dental prosthesis laboratories

    To be able to learn and apply hygienic measures necessary to protect herself/himself and the other employees from infectious diseases in the laboratory

    To have full knowledge of the medical terminology related to their professions to produce the proper prosthesis suiting the dentist's treatment plan and wishes

    To learn at least one automation system (LIS) suitable for today's technology to sustain a healthy relationship between physician and technician and for the delivery of prosthesis on time

    To learn the CAD-CAM system which is today's state-of-the-art technology

    To have the ability to adopt and apply ethical principles and professional values 

Laboratory Equipment (Devices and Equipment)


  1. Cad Cam
  2. inEos Blue Scanner
  3. Sintering Furnace
  4. CNC Machine
  5. Hoti (Wax Sinking Pot)
  6. Casting Furnace with Induction
  7. Preheating Furnace
  8. Sanding
  9. Porcelain Furnace
  10. Micro-motors
  11. Steam Engine
  12. Plaster Motor
  13. Vacuumed Mixer
  14. Pindex Device
  15. Die-Cutting Machine



  1. Vibration
  2. Plaque Printing Machine
  3. Radious Base Plate Preparation Device
  4. Hydraulic Birit
  5. Box Lu Levelling Table
  6. Flask Boiler
  7. Wax Decarbonation
  8. Polishing Motor
  9. Paralelometer
  10. Ultrasonic Cleaner
  11. Press Furnace
  12. Vacuum Machine
  13. Model Trimming
  14. Extron Annotator Cube

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