Dental Phantom Laboratory


  • The students of this program;

    The phantom unit system is a simulation system in which various dental treatment procedures and scientific studies are performed. It provides real-like experiences and an opportunity to practice working in the right position on models, before performing applications on real patients, in Phantom (Simulation Education on Oral Care) and Preclinical laboratories where the first step of IAU SHMYO Dentistry education will be given in this direction.

    Performing applications on models ensures that the practices to be performed by the students on real patients will be high-quality applications by increasing their dominance in clinical applications.

    The Skills Gained from Applied Education

    The students learn the operation and practice principles of hand tools, motor devices and unit systems used in dentistry clinics.

    They learn ergonomic working positions when working on phantom jaws and will be able to work in the right positions.

    They learn how to apply filling cavity preparation principles and fill a tooth in phantom jaws.

    They learn how to prepare canal cavity and apply root canal preparation guta percha filling in phantom jaws.

    They learn how to apply scaling in phantom jaws.

    They learn how to apply the stages of restoration (measuring the size, closing provision and the preparation of the model) by learning the principles and application of tooth preparation.

    They learn how to apply cementation procedure that is the last stage by doing practice stages of the prepared restoration.


The Laboratory Equipment (Device and Equipment)


  1. Phantom Simulation Module
  2. Technician Work Table
  3. Bunsen Burner
  4. Desk Micro-motor and Drill
  5. Plaster Motor
  6. Vibrator Device
  1. Model Trimming Device
  2. Pindex Device
  3. Paralelometer
  4. Heater Tank
  5. Vacuumed Revetement Machine
  6. Plaster Mixing Machine

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