Operating Room Services Laboratories


  1. The students of this program;

    Students learn to prepare the devices and all surgical materials used in operating rooms ready for operation. They are trained as operating room services technicians who can be directly involved in all surgical teams and have the knowledge and experience to assist the surgeon during surgery.


    Skills Acquired Through Applied Education

    1.    Knowing and applying surgical hand washing technique, wearing and helping wear sterile gowns and gloves.

    2.    Knowing and applying the principles of medical and surgical asepsis.

    3.    Acting in accordance with the principles of critical area.

    4.    Knowing to prepare and care for a patient in pre-, intra- and postop phases.

    5.    Preparing the operation room for surgical procedures in terms of materials and equipment.

    6.    Knowing the specific sets, contents, cleaning and maintenance of all areas used in surgery.

    7.    Recognizing the operation table/apparatus, making the preparation and giving the patient the appropriate position of surgery.

    8.    Knowing the operation and control of the operating room lamp.

    9.    Preparing the electrocautery device (monopolar and bipolar) to use during the operation.

    10.  Recognizing and using the devices and equipment used in the operating room (patient monitor, defibrillator, ecg device, surgical aspirator, pendaunt system, etc.).

    11.  Assisting the surgical team during the operation.

    12.  Knowing tool washing, packaging and sterilization methods

    13.  Knowing the materials storage conditions in sterile storage.

    14.  Knowing and applying the principles of patient and employee safety in the operating room.


  2. Laboratory Equipment (Device and Equipments)
    • Surgical aspirator
    • EKG Device
    • Electrocautery device monopolar-bipolar
    • Operating table
    • Surgical headlamp
    • Pendaunt system
    Iv application Model
    • Hand washing unit (single)
    • Maternity Set
    • General Surgery Set
    • Brain surgery set
    • Orthopedics set
    • Urology set

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