Radiotherapy Laboratory


The students of this program;
The aim of the program is providing applicable education on the purpose of educating radiotherapy technicians who will play important roles in the care, support, preparation and treatment of oncological patients; follow developments regarding their professions; are stick to ethical values; have sufficient knowledge and skills on the issues below:

  1. To use rapidly evolving high-tech devices with daily maintenance and adjustment
  2. To administer radiotherapy and to follow-up the patient
  3. To sustain immobilization
  4. To prepare the treatment areas for simulation
  5. To prepare the protection blocks

Skills Gained from Applied Education

  1. To gain competence in recognizing, using the devices used in radiation oncology and in following the technological developments related to these devices
  2. To take medical history, prepare documents, etc. regarding radiation oncology and to gain competence in obtaining information about patients
  3. To gain competence in using computer skills
  4. To know and learn how to use the equipment for protecting the patient and the personnel including themselves and to have enough knowledge about special protective equipment (lead apron, gonadal shielding, thyroid shielding, etc.). To be able to apply radiation safety measures.
  5. To be able to distinguish the radiological anatomy by knowing anatomical structures well.
  6. To know medical and radiological terms
  7. To have the ability to make medical consumables ready before treatment
  8. To be able to use the imaging devices, that are used to take images from patients for control and positioning/centralization purposes, and the devices (BT, x-ray, laser imaging device) that allow these images to be documented
  9. To be able to use the radiotherapy devices (LINAC, etc.) for treatment
  10. To be able to use the simulator devices used for the efficiency of treatment and for the purpose of maximum protection
  11. To be able to apply the treatment determined by radiation oncology specialist in accordance with the measurements and calculations determined by the health physics technician
  12. To have the ability to prepare and apply bolus, thermoplastic masks and apparatus with focalized block tray and the other mold applications determined by radiation oncology specialist and health physics technicians
  13. To be able to participate in simulation operations with radiation oncology specialists and health physics technicians and to be able to use the devices
  14. To be able to do the works and operations related to the simulation and port film taking of treatment areas
  15. To follow-up the patient during treatment and to contact the relevant doctor or health physics technician in the case of an unexpected condition or complication 

Laboratory Equipment (Devices and Equipment)

  • Computed tomography device
  • X-ray machine
  • Laser imaging machine
  • X-ray imaging machine
  • Shoulder pvc
  • Water heater tank
  • Vacuum pumping

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