Architectural Drafting

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  Head of Department’s Message

Architectural Drafting Programme has been established in order to train technical personnel who can draw the designed construction projects according to the related regulations and technical information, who are proficient in professional responsibility and ethical rules and focused on continuous self-improvement. The program consists of a two-year course, each consisting of two semesters. In order to graduate; 120 ECTS courses in the course plan to successfully complete and internship is required. In our program; Architectural Design, Application Project, Design Communication Media, Building Technologies, Building Materials, Cost Control in Buildings, Surveying, Conservation and Restoration, Project Construction and Management, Computer Aided Design, Professional Practice and Ethics, Professional English are given.

Our graduates have the opportunity to find jobs in public institutions, private architecture and engineering offices and construction companies. Students who successfully complete the program can make vertical transition with external transfer exam to Architecture, Civil Engineering, Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property departments.


  • 2021-2022 Academic Year Announcement
  • London International Creative Competition Yarışması
  • Mimari Tasarım Proje Kataloğu

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