Lesson plan / ENGLISH-I

Lesson Information

Course Credit 3.0
Course ECTS Credit 4.0
Teaching Language of Instruction İngilizce
Level of Course Associate's Degree, TYYÇ: Level 5, EQF-LLL: Level 5, QF-EHEA: Short Cycle
Type of Course Compulsory
Mode of Delivery Face-to-face
Does the course require compulsory or optional work experience? Z
Course Coordinator Instructor SELÇUK ŞENER
Instructor (s) Instructor DOĞAN AHMETCİ|Instructor ONUR AKAY|Instructor ÜMİT ATİLLA|Instructor MEHMET HÜSEYİN DEMİR
Course Assistant

Purpose and Content

The aim of the course English I which is a compulsory course has a purpose to give students vocabulary and grammar in basic level.
Course Content This course is designed to provide the students with effective skills for reading, writing, listening and speaking on their major using related terminology.

Weekly Course Subjects

1INTRODUCTION Verb "to be"
2Possessive Adjectives Personal Information
3a / an, plurals The Classroom Vowel Sounds
4This / That - These / Those Common Objects Classroom Language
5Present Simple Irregular Plurals
6Present Simple (+) and (-) Common Verb Phrases
7a / an + jobs Consonant Sounds
8Midterm Exam
9Possessive 's Family Vocabulary
10Adjectives Quite / Very
11Telling the time
12Present Simple Daily Routine
13Adverbs of frequency Time words and expressions
14Prepositions of time The date


1-SURE Elementary Student's Book and Workbook