The Message of the Head of Department

Our students, who entranced our Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department, where we received students for the first time in the 2015-2016 academic year graduate with the title of "Physiotherapist" if they are successful after 4 years of education. A physiotherapist is a specialist physician dealing with pain and dysfunction caused by injury, illness, congenital apology, movement system disorders or other conditions; Physiotherapy for the development of function and functional capacity according to the diagnosis by determining the functional limitations, pain, disability and abilities of the people with special measurement, evaluation and examination methods. It is a professional autonomy that plans, implements, and re-evaluates the rehabilitation program and has professional autonomy that plans appropriate exercises and protective programs to maintain the health of healthy people. 

Physiotherapists can work at university hospitals, public and private hospitals, rehabilitation centers, vocational rehabilitation centers, private education centers and schools for disabled people, prosthetic units, spa centers, thermal hotels, sports clubs and centers, nursing homes and institutions providing home care services, and have a wide range of working areas such as industrial areas, schools, fitness centers. Physiotherapists can also continue their academic careers by completing their science specialization and doctoral studies. Today's world and in our country, we expect our young lover with a bright future of the profession physiotherapy for the first Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation of our department I wish you all healthy, successful, wonderful days.

Kind Regards

Head of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department

Assist.Prof. Demet BİÇKİ

güncelleme: 26.11.2021 16:15