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 Genel Bilgiler

Civil Engineering focuses on the education and research on  design, analysis, construction and control of structural systems such as buildings, dams, airports, bridges, tunnels etc.. The Department of Civil Engineering has six divisions: Structural Engineering, Hydraulics, Transportation, Geotechnics, Construction Management, and Structural Materials. The undergraduate program of the Department of Civil Engineering started in the 2011-2012 academic year. The Bachelor’s Degree Program of the Department of Civil Engineering is a 240 ECTS credits, 4-year program composed of eight semesters, each of which has a 30 ECTS workload. One ECTS equals to 25.5 hours of student workload per semester. While in the first two years of the program, mathematical and mechanical courses are covered in the third and fourth years of the program the fundamental topics of the Civil Engineering discipline are studied. Our department stands out due to its emphasis on  Geotechnics - Structural Engineering – Hydraulics interaction and Construction Management. The language of instrcution in our department is Turkish. The Civil Engineering Department has 5 laboratories, namely, Structural Materials, Structural Engineering, Hydraulics,Geotechnics and Geomatics Laboratories with new equipments of modern technology for research and educational purposes with a floor space of 950 square meters.



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