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 Genel Bilgiler

The Bachelor’s Degree Program of the Department Interior Design is a 240 ECTS credits 4-year program composed of eight semesters, each of which has a 30 ECTS workload. One ECTS equals to 25.5 hours of student workload per semester. The Interior Design Degree Program at Istanbul Aydin University is based on the  principal understanding that interior architecture is a matter of design and construction of the interiors of buildings and an integral element of  the building environment. Shaping space as well as planning and furnishing it as part of an existing or new building is considered to be the basic mission of an interior designer. Departmental Facilities Minor Double-major International exchange programs, study abroad (1 or 2 semesters) To continue his post-graduate master's degree programs Career Opportunities Offices in design process , workshops in inplemantation and control process are the study areas. Interior Designers can work especially in the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement or municipalities  according to the provisions of applicable laws and contracts, and also they can work freelance in their own offices.



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