Technological developments are rapidly changing the area of communication and as a result new requirements arise. Using computer has become an ordinary act. The internet has made English the universal language in the global village. The communication sector is also a dynamic and competitive sector in accordance with the age we live in. Our students have to know using computer and speak English.

The communicator of future need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills not just in theoretical area but also in the area of specialization covering the qualifications of the profession at the present time. The Faculty of Communication provides these specializations with both workshops such as newspapers, radio, magazines and television and a lively university life. Our innovative and integrated education and training program for our students aims to blend the theoretical knowledge and practice required by the area of communication. Our students should be equipped with intellectual knowledge in the context of culture. They should be sensitive and obtain information in every area especially in the area of arts such as music, painting, theater, cinema and photograph.

Our students graduate from the Faculty of Communication with the title of "communication specialist". A communication specialist’s responsibility is major. The responsibility to humanity includes informing the public correctly, and creating public opinion. The basic concept is public welfare. Our communication specialist who is a cameraman will be in hurry to prepare the news as soon as possible for the television channel. The radio programmer will achieve happiness to be heard by the large masses. The television announcer will gather millions of people around televisions by the news she/he prepares. The reporter will feel the excitement of writing and publishing news. The chief editor who is our graduate will determine the agenda of our country. The columnist will be the opinion leader of the society. Our graduate in public relations will undertake the duty of communication management of companies. Our graduate working in advertising will run campaigns on political communication, advertisement, marketing and similar areas. Our graduate who is a movie director will win international awards. The producer of series will be the voice of the public by conveying people's interests, dreams, happiness and sadness. The visual communication designers will integrate the developing technology with their creativeness. All these successes will be achieved by way of students' love and beliefs for their works, their hard works and their commitments to ethical values.

We invite all the communicator candidates of future to our faculty.

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