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​​​​​​Economy lie behind rapidly changing global dynamics. The players of economic life, especially people and companies, are sustaining this change. The leader and determinant aspect of economic decisions puts the discipline of economics at the center of the map of understanding and interpreting global changes. Istanbul Aydın University, Faculty of Economics and Finance aims to educate students who are able to understand and interpret global dynamics, have cognitive and technical equipment. It provides its students with the most advanced international standards to achieve this aim. The faculty staff consists of respected and influential academicians. The department gives importance to scientific researches and supports these researches with its master's degree programs. Collaborating with the most prestigious universities in the world in terms of research and scientific activity, the department offers opportunities such as overseas experience and double major. Students, who graduated as well-equipped individuals, have employment opportunities at private companies, public institutions, banks, national and international institutions and establishments. The students who wish to pursue academic and scientific career such as master's and doctoral degree can follow this path.


                                                                                                                                                                                 Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sedat AYBAR

                                                                                                                                                     The Head of the Department of Economics and Finance​​

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