General Information

​​​​​​​​​​Mission:  Art managers are the professionals who design and implement different dimensions of the relationship between artists and followers of art. The bachelor's degree program in Art Direction have the perspective of educating art managers who have mastered both aesthetic, historical and social backgrounds of different art disciplines and other disciplines such as economy, business administration, marketing, law, communication within this framework.

Department Opportunities: Each year 20 students are placed according to the results of YKS (Higher Education Institutions Examination) in non-math score type. 2 students have the chance to study with 100% scholarship and 18 students have the chance to study with 75% scholarship in accordance with this examination. Social sciences, culture of arts, business administration and art direction courses are given together during this four-year program. Students have the opportunity to do internships in the fields they want and can benefit from the experiences of professionals. Also, they get the chance to acquire practical knowledge about different cultural and art fields through various departmental activities and sector tours. In addition, successful students have the opportunity to do double major and minor and benefit from international exchange programs.

Career Opportunities: After graduating from bachelor's degree program in Art Direction, they can work at various fields;

  1. public and private art institutions
  2. various cultural and art organizations
  3. museums and galleries
  4. culture centers
  5. theater, dance, cinema halls and managements
  6. different fields of media and entertainment sector
  7. production companies
  8. cultural and art units of local administrations and private companies

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