Amaç / Hedef


Fashion and Textile Design Department, not only for Turkey but also for the whole world, has committed itself to train designers and artists who produce useful works both matrially and spiritually, who don’t content themselves with the things they achive, who are progressive, who look for more horizons, who are open and ready for rivalry with others, who have internalized and use new and advanced technologycal systems and ideas, who serve their designs and ideas to humanity as products and works.


The designers and artists our faculty train will be equipped with high level of professional knowledge, considerate, full of virtues, and will have the social sensitivity and responsibility.The things they will produce will be fine in terms of aeshetics,humanitarian in terms of society, ergonomic interms of technics, and harmless in terms of environment.

güncelleme: 26.12.2016 18:19