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Ourmission is: The aim of the department is to examine and examine all periods of human history, especially Turkish history, based on scientific principles, by using contemporary technologies in a comparative approach, to develop new research methods, to provide students with the historical consciousness, and also to make researches at the undergraduate and historical level, archives, libraries, etc. The aim of this course is to educate the students who can work in various organizations related to history and information and to provide the teacher formation which is required for this purpose.   OPPRORTUNITIES of HISTORY . Minor Programme . Double Major Programme . International Change Programmes and Education at European and American Universities (1 or 2 terms) . Master and Phd Programmes   CARRIER OPPRORTUNITIES Those who complete the department of history can work in various institutions as ”historian“ or “archive expert”. Archive experts, land registry, Grand National Assembly of Turkey, courthouses as they can find work for organizations that need to store old documents. Tourist guidance can also be the study area of the history department graduates. The students who took the formation courses during the undergraduate education, T.C. They can serve as history teachers in schools and private education institutions affiliated to the Ministry of National Education.



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