Our Mission
The main duties of Faculty of Science and Literature are:
1. Preparing our students with the opportunities of experienced academic staff and resource-rich library for Turkey's and the world's tomorrows in the best possible way. 
2. Acting with an approach that closely follows the contemporary developments in the world and renews itself constantly.
3. Ensuring that the students have comprehensive knowledge required by their programs. 
4. Providing the opportunities and facilities to contribute to the cultural, social and personal development of the students.
5. Educating the students with an understanding that they do not use the existing knowledge as it is; but they question, criticize and eventually produce knowledge. 
6. Our mission formed on the basis of main duties as providing graduate students with post-graduate education and academic career opportunities was prepared by Board Committees and approved by the shareholders at meetings.

Our Vision 

Our vision is becoming one of the most important education and science centers preferred both in education-training and in scientific researches, culture and art in the region, country and world that encourages team work, has a participatory and sharing management, uses the information revealed in the light of contemporary science as useful to humanity, ensures the continuity of the scientific process by determining and implementing the education-training programs suitable for today's conditions and works to solve the problems of our country.

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