​​​​​Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Education was established with the Council of Ministers Decision numbered 2008/14011 dated 05.08.2008 and has started its education life in academic year 2008-2009 with its distinguished academic staff and classrooms and curriculum that can respond to contemporary needs. 

Within the faculty, there are Computer and Instructional Technologies Education Program of Computer and Instructional Technologies Education Department, Physical Education and Sports Teaching Program of Physical Education and Sports Education Department, Psychological Counseling and Guidance Program of Educational Sciences Department, Primary Mathematics Education Program of Mathematics & Science Education Department, Turkish Education Program of Turkish and Social Sciences Education Department, Preschool Teacher Education Program and Elementary Education Program of Basic Education Department, Arabic Language Teaching Program and English Language Teacher Education Program of Foreign Languages Education Department, Special Education Teacher Program, Teacher Training Program for Gifted Students and Teacher Training Program for Mentally Disabled Students of Special Education Department. 

In the era of information, communication and technology we are in, the level of development of countries is measured by the importance they give to education and science. The most important determinant of education system is the qualification of the teachers operating the system. In this context, faculties of education have a great responsibility in the training of qualified teachers in line with the needs of the time. 

The main purpose of our faculty is educating our students as teachers who can think differently, who are free in their individual decisions, self-confident, respectful to human values, gentle and unselfish, equipped with all kinds of technical and technological knowledge, who share the ideas of the Republic, and who we can entrust our next generations. As Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Education, we are making great efforts to educate contemporary, intellectual, equipped teachers who have professional formation to the core in line with the basic principles of Turkish National Education with all our academic and managerial staffs. Our faculty has aimed to train fully equipped teachers by combining practice studies in schools with the three basic dimensions of teacher training programs which are "Professional Teaching Knowledge", "Content Knowledge" and "General Knowledge". 

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