The mission of Istanbul Aydın University Department of Faculty is; providing an oral and dental health service that respects to patient rights and ethical principles, aims patient satisfaction, good-humored, and at the highest standard by employees in continuing education and research activities, have an understanding of quality and a sense of responsibility, and educating dentists who internalized the universal and ethical values, use and generate information, have a researcher, questioner and analytic frame of mind, contribute to the development of society and prepare themselves for lifelong science and technology oriented education on conditions where competition and knowledge are at high level. 

As a health organization investigates and implements new methods and practices that provide quality services to the oral and dental health of society with the most advanced technology, we aim to take part in the well-known dentistry faculties at national and international level. 

  • To show respect to the rights of patients and employees

    To be based on scientific principles

    To reach the high quality standards in patient treatment

    To be accountable and transparent in all activities

    To be participant, tolerant and innovative in management mentality

    To be perfectionist

    To have a people oriented service understanding

    To be sensitive to the environment

    To follow the ethical and legal rules

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