Message from the Director

As Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Dentistry Oral Health Research Center, we are proud and honored to serve you. Even though we are new, while educating the dentists of the future with a contemporary approach and modern technology, especially with our young and dynamic personnel and experienced faculty members in each departments of science, we have adopted the principle of providing you the most accurate and healthiest service good-humoredly. At the services we provide in all branches of dentistry, the latest technologies are used, in particular, all kinds of interventions can be done with general anesthesia in our clinics. When you choose us, you will see how correct these discourses are.

Love and Best Regards,

May the smile on your face and the teeth in your mouth never be gone…

​Prof. Dr. Orhan CANBOLAT
 Vice Dean ​

güncelleme: 19.12.2019 17:22