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 Family Counseling (Without Thesis)

Family Counseling is a consulting service to help to overcome the problems and relationships of family  individuals relate to each other and the problem of children and their families about the individual or between individuals  during marriage, separation and divorce.
The scope of the priority of family counseling constitute vital issues such as relationship-based issues experienced between spouses or close and extended family around to other individuals, family life cycle according to the new living arrangements and care of children and  all other subjects which  affect the quality of family life such as health, economic and nutrition
According to the Regulation of Family Counseling Centers prepared by the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, graduates of the medicine, nursing, social work, sociology , counseling and guidance, psychology, child development degree programs can  apply to Family Counseling master's degree.
This program generally be covered the issues of mother - father relationship and communication problems, sexual health and reproductive health and problems, parent -child relationships , role conflict, divorce process, marital relationships and other close relationships and problems as well as understanding of the causes of psycho-social cases and events, the use of the scientific knowledge to improve the lives of individuals is intended.

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