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Dr. Naim Babüroğlu evaluated the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan and assigning the protection of Kabul Airport to Turkey.
The Future of The Black Sea And Azov Sea Region
The 6th Summer High School organized by Istanbul Aydın University is starting on 5 July. Registrations for Free Summer High School will be carried out on online environment, it will end on 30 June.
In order to prevent discrimination and violence against all creatures, particularly women, “Let’s End Violence Together Platform” was established under the leadership of Istanbul Aydın University.
Assoc. Prof. Arif Can Güngör remarked that systems which are only textual and still image based will begin to disappear after a while in distance education, applications in art and design fields will have opportunity to be tested in dimensional universes.
Academician and Coach Dr. Selçuk TARAKCI evaluated that Denmark footballer Christian Eriksen came back from the dead due to hearth attack during the European Football Championship.
In the webinar ‘’The Future of Turkish-American Relations in the Light of Recent Developments’’ was organized by IAU Institute of Graduate Studies, the past, the present and the future of Turkey-USA relations were discussed.
Retired Brigadier Dr. Naim Babüroğlu evaluated May 19 and its history, and stated “The claim of ‘Sultan Vahdettin sent Atatürk to Samsun to start the Independence War’ is completely a distortion. Vahdettin denied these claims himself”
Universities made a joint statement against Israel's attacks in Palestine. The Rector of IAU Prof. Dr. Yadigar İzmirli read the statement.
The International Student Biennial, held for the first time this year, will be available to visit on May 20. Istanbul Aydın University hosts the event.
‘’STEM Teacher’’ Certificate was given to more than 600 teachers in the 27 certificate program until today within the scope of the STEM Teacher Training Project which is started by IAU Research and Application Center for STEM Education in 2015.
Resuming its traditional Ramadan aids this year, AKEV made families having difficulties due to the pandemic happy.
Are digital commerce and electronic commerce concepts different from each other? Dr. Adil Salepçioğlu remarked that these two concepts are different from each other and the digital commerce concept can be stated as a more superior.
Periodontology expert Dr. Süleyman Emre Meşeli evaluated the “Using antibiotics without knowing their effects” issue that comes to the agenda often, and remarked, “Using antibiotics without knowing their effects harms teeth seriously besides general healt
The third of “Blockchain Talks” held by Istanbul Aydın University, will be carried out on 4 May on Zoom. Crossborder implementations of blockchain technology will be discussed in the webinar.
Academician and trainer Selçuk Tarakcı made evaluation on “European Super League” that the first 12 clubs of the Europe constituted by leaving European Club Association. Tarakcı remarked “totally mind-blowing state” for the enterprise.
UFRAD Franchising Association President Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Aydın said “This system, aiming to make individuals below the poverty threshold important economic actors can be the solution for the global poverty issue’’.
It was remarked that the greatest necessity in the region is not a tentative cease-fire but permanent peace in the “Building the Future in South Caucasus: Problems and Suggestions” .
Istanbul Aydın University will celebrate April 23 with the ‘’E- Kids Festival’’ to be carried out with the Ege University. Children will both have fun and learn on Children’s Day.
Cooperation protocol in measurement and evaluation field was signed between Istanbul Aydın University and Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education.
While Istanbul Aydın University was closing 2019-2020 Academic Year with graduation ceremony, life story of Ahmet Faruk Kanbak who is the first of the Faculty of Science and Letters left mark on the ceremony.
One of the most popular methods of losing weight is surgical operations nowadays. Are these methods healthy? Are people encouraging to these methods via social media? How a healthy slimming should be? We asked to Dr. Indrani Kalkan.
Fish season started. Prof. Dr. Candan Varlık and Prof. Dr. Kamil Bostan reported that it is essential to consume fish more than the previous years, increase body resistance and take protein.
IAU AFAM Coordinator Serhat Yılmaz stated “1 million 667 thousand 676-hectare forest burned in 106 thousand 603 forest fires in Turkey between 1937-2019. This corresponds to one and half size of Cyprus
Preschool Teacher Education Club students did not leave kids from Siverek alone
Istanbul Aydın Unıversity gave online seminar to instructors within the cooperation with Cambridge University Press for teaching English.
Endodontist Dr. Ece Çalışkan said “Dental health invites diabetes and heart disease. Do not forget, social distance is the key to control the spread of coronavirus. Also, the key to optimal health is to ensure not to get tooth infection.”
Istanbul Aydın University is the only Turkish University participating at international project on “Incidence of Coronavirus Crisis on National and International Legal Arrangements” organized by the Qatar University.
Istanbul Aydın University is starting a "Second Academy" program for those who want to experience the university environment again.
THE Awards Asia 2020" award program, which is considered to be the "Oscars of Higher Education
President of Turkish anti-smoking association assoc. Prof. Mustafa Aydın said “Hookah increases the risk of infection of Corona Virus by 100 percent. For this reason, closing the hookah cafes as a precaution may be an opportunity to get rid of hookah.”
The CoHE announced the measures to be taken in higher education institutions against the Covid-19 epidemic that has wreaked havoc on the world. Here are the points to be considered…
The outbreak of “coronavirus” that wrought havoc on the whole world was discussed in the panel of the “Coronavirus: Current Status” held at Istanbul Aydın University.
IAU’s Tennis Teams became champions at Turkey Championship once again!
IAU has been included in the world's first and only state-supported branding program, "Turquality", which enables the "Turkish Brand" to be positioned in different countries of the world and announces "Turkish Quality" to many countries.
Istanbul Aydın University (IAU) students carried out a study to examine and evaluate the social media perceptions, usage skills and addiction levels of university students.
Assessing the possible effects of the Coronavirus outbreak in China on the economy, Dr. Ahmet Sedat Aybar said that the determining factor in the effect of the epidemic on the economy and consumer behavior will be “fear”.
Antidepressant is the most sold nervous system medication in Turkey. Prof. Dr. Esen Ayşe Dural said “people think that antidepressant drugs are working. However, if they improve themselves, they will see that there is no need for medication.”
Imagine Tomorrow entrepreneurship and innovation summit organized within the scope of the Eurasian Higher Education Summit includes the “Young Entrepreneurs” category for the first time this year.