The scope of International Journal of Electronics, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering (IJEMME) covers the novel scientific papers about Electronics, Image Processing, Information Theory, Electrical Systems, Power Electronics, Control Theory, Embedded Systems,  Robotics, Motion Control, Stochastic Modeling, System Design, Multidisciplinary Engineering, Computer Engineering, Optical Engineering, Design Optimization, Material Science, Metamaterials, Heat and Mass Transfer, Kinematics, Dynamics, Thermo-Dynamics, Energy and Applications, Renewable Energy, Environmental Impacts, Structural Analysis, Fluid Dynamics and related topics of the above subjects.  

IJEMME is an international periodical published quadrate a year (March, June, September and December). Manuscripts reporting on original theoretical and/or experimental work and tutorial expositions of permanent reference value are welcome. IJEMME Editorial Board is authorized to accept/reject the manuscripts based on the evaluation of international experts. The papers should be written in English.

The manuscript should be sent in electronic submission via.