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 Student Life

güncelleme: 6.1.2017 11:17

Student Life at IAU is diverse and active. The IAU family are engaged in more than 50 organizations and student clubs. Our campus houses more than 5000 seating capacity for students to drink and eat and converse with friends. If you would like to meet new people and learn a new language or culture, it is possible to meet and see people from all over the world in our campus.
Situated in Central Istanbul, IAU hosts more than 3.750 international students from 102 countries in its main campus, almost 10% of its whole student population. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, you will soon be making friends from all over the world.​​ 

Athletics and Fitness
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An athlete is considered to be someone who is proficient with any form of physical exercise or in sports. We hope to help the students to reach their potential and improve their ta​lents.