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 Visa Procedures For Placement

güncelleme: 19.7.2016 19:47


​Students are obliged to obtain a visa for the country they are going for placement.
Erasmus+ Office is not responsible for students who are failed to do so. It is among students’ responsibilities to have a valid passport before applying to visa. Each​ country has different application procedures and requires different documents. Ask the Consulate for the list of required documents for Erasmus placement. Visa procedures may take very long; students are advised to start their application procedure at least six to eight weeks prior to the staring date of their placement period. 
The Erasmus+ Office will provide the student with document needed for the visa application; a letter to the consulate which states that the student is taking part in the Erasmus+ Placement Program and that the student will receive mobility grants allocated by the National Agency. The student is required to pick up this document from Erasmus Office. 

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