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 Before Leaving IAU

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Students must submit all the documents from the Documents part of this web page before their exchange begins.

Please note that students cannot leave for exchange without submitting these documents, otherwise their exchanges will not be valid.

Students should follow-up all the application procedure of the host institution. Therefore students are requested to check the academic calendar of the host University in advance.

The Financial Contract

If a student is awarded with mobility grant, the student will receive 80% of the total mobility grant. Students will be paid the remaining 20% of their mobility grants after they get back to IAU, on the condition that they present all necessary documents

Before leaving IAU, the student must sign a Financial Contract, which is completed by Erasmus+ Office to accept the responsibilities that come with the grant.

After signing the financial contract, students will be expected to take the Online Language Exam before leaving Turkey. (When they complete the mobility, they will take it again.)

After signing the financial contract, if the student submit the miles&smiles card number to the Erasmus+ Office, they will be able to have a chance for THY discount ticket.

If a student is going to extend the Erasmus+ period for the second semester, the student should bear in mind that the Erasmus+ Office can not guarantee that the second semester grants will be delivered before the students return because the budget, which is provided by the National Agency, could be lower than the amount needed for all the students applying. For this reason, the students should make all necessary arrangements for their second term mobility in advance.

If students do not fulfill these responsibilities, the remaining part of their mobility grant may be cut or they may be asked to return the first part of the mobility grant.

Students must pay attention on not exceeding more than 7 days duration in each country in Europe while travelling/visiting.

The amount of money that the National Agency grants for each country differs. For the estimated amounts, please check the Useful Information part of this web page.

Program Countries with living cost

Program Countries

Erasmus Study Grant per month (€)

Group 1

Programme Countries with

higher living costs

Denmark, Ireland, France, Italy, Austria, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom,

Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland


Group 2

Programme Countries with

medium living costs

Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Cyprus,

Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Iceland , Turkey


Group 3

Programme Countries with

lower living costs

Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Romania,

Slovakia, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia



Bank Details Form

According to the new agreement with Denizbank, From our students there will be no fee taken at the time of opening the account or/and  there will be no “account maintanence fee” during the use of the account. Our students are supposed to submit the copy of the national identiy card to the Erasmus+ Specialists and to open the bank account by their directions. 

Students are required to open EURO bank account in Deniz Bank and fill in the bank details forms and present it before the start of the exchange period, so as to receive the Erasmus+ grant. The grant contribution will be paid in two instalments: 80% after the financial contract has signed; the remaining 20% within the end of the exhange period, provided that all documents have been duly delivered. The contribution will be paid by bank transfer.

Agreement and Application form for the Host Organization

These forms are required only when the students have found a host organization for their internship on their own, without using the contacts already in place with the University.

European University Association’s Institutional Evaluation Programme