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 Program Yeterlilik Türü

Undergraduate (Bachelor's Degree) program in FOOD ENGINEERING (First Cycle in QF-EHEA and  6th level in TYYÇ )  is an academically-oriented program giving access to degree and non-degree research program and professional practice demanding high levels of knowledge and skills. The classification of the program with respect to "ISCED (The International Standard Classification of Education) 2011" and "NQF-HETR (The Turkish Qualifications Framework for HE)" and the codes of the fields of education can be listed as follows: ISCED Field of Education: 54 - Manufacturing And Processing ISCED 2011 Level: 6,  Orientation (Profile): 64, Subcategory: 645 - Academically-oriented "first cycle", bachelor's degree   NQF-HETR Field of Education: 54 - Manufacturing And Processing NQF-HETR Profile of Education: Academically-oriented "first cycle", bachelor's degree


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