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Lesson Information

Course Credit 3.0
Course ECTS Credit 4.0
Teaching Language of Instruction Türkçe
Level of Course Bachelor's Degree, TYYÇ: Level 6, EQF-LLL: Level 6, QF-EHEA: First Cycle
Type of Course Compulsory
Mode of Delivery Face-to-face
Does the course require compulsory or optional work experience? Z
Course Coordinator
Instructor (s) Assist. Prof. Dr. BİLGENUR ERSON ASAR|Prof. Dr. İBRAHİM KAYA
Course Assistant

Purpose and Content

The aim of the course The objective of this course is to identify the sub-branches of international law such as maritime law and diplomacy law and to explain the rules and regulations for peaceful solutions of disputes and for banning the use of force in a way that it also covers up-to-date events.
Course Content Maritime law, domestic waters, territorial waters and sea areas which are not under the sovereignty of state, straits and Montreux Convention will be analyzed. The conditions for state liabilities, allegations and conditions ruling out liabilities will be discussed in the light of international court judgments. The notion of state liability will be emphasized by means of analyzing the peaceful solution of international disputes. Besides, the ban on use of force, which is one of the basic principles of international law, will be discussed and international sanction methods will be handled. In the end, diplomatic law and diplomatic privileges will be covered.

Weekly Course Subjects

1Maritime Law (Territorial waters, exclusive economic zone)
2Maritime Law (Continental shelf)
3Maritime Law (Legal Regime of Sea Areas)
4Maritime Law (open sea, straits, Aegean Question)
5State Liability
6State Liability
7Dispute Resolution: Negotiation, reconciliation, mediation
8Dispute Resolution: Judicial and Non-judicial methods
10Applications of international law and sanctions: Some examples
11Applications of international law and sanctions: Use of force
12Applications of international law and sanctions: Use of force
13State power and limits of state power: Diplomatic Law
14State power and limits of state power: Diplomatic privileges and immunity


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