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Lesson Information

Course Credit 3.0
Course ECTS Credit 3.0
Teaching Language of Instruction Türkçe
Level of Course Bachelor's Degree, TYYÇ: Level 6, EQF-LLL: Level 6, QF-EHEA: First Cycle
Type of Course Compulsory
Mode of Delivery Face-to-face
Does the course require compulsory or optional work experience? Z
Course Coordinator
Instructor (s) Prof. Dr. EYYUP GÜNAY İSBİR
Course Assistant

Purpose and Content

The aim of the course The objective of this course is to identify the dominating principles of administrative jurisdiction, duties and responsibilities of administrative jurisdiction which will assist law students in their professional life in the light of sample cases and court practices and to emphasize the judicial review of administration, which is a significant requirement of rule of law.
Course Content The course unit identifies the theoretical information about the judicial review of administration. The development of administrative jurisdiction and its organization, full remedy action and action of nullity which are administrative actions, will be discussed. After the liabilities of administration are defined, administrative jurisdiction procedures will be dealt with in the light of the theoretical information given about full remedy and nullity actions. Administrative jurisdiction procedures and legal remedies for judgments will be discussed. The theoretical framework of the course unit will be materialized by means of examples of current events and jurisprudence.

Weekly Course Subjects

1Administrative jurisdiction regime, its definition and development
2Authority of administrative jurisdiction
3Limits on administrative jurisdiction
4Administrative jurisdiction organization
5Liabilities of administration
6Administrative actions, action of nullity
8Full remedy action
9Stay of execution
10Analysis of lawsuits (Practical Study)
11Legal remedies
12Application of judgments
13Practical Study
14Practical Study


1. Ramazan Çağlayan, İdari Yargılama Hukuku, Seçkin Yayıncalık., İstanbul, 2015

2.Şeref Gözübüyük,Yönetsel Yargı,Turhan Kitabevi, Ekim 2010